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The First Pair of Nike Mag’s dropping 2016 | Fly To Cloud City

The First Pair of Nike Mag’s dropping 2016

1627 days ago

As all of the world knows, today is the day that has become iconic thanks to Back To The Future. October 21st, 2015 has arrived. The day in which Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled Back To The Future in the 1989 sequel. Unfortunately, it has arrived without Air Mags for all. However, Tinker Hatfield made sure to send Michael J Fox a special care package of the current one and only self lacing pair in rotation. A long with the shoe,Tinker sent a handwritten note basically saying that the Nike Mag will return in 2016 (no Air) and be auctioned off just like the pairs from 2011. Which raised over $5.6 million in charity donations JUST from the kicks alone. So while the rest of us may be upset, lets focus on the positives here, pairs are indeedreleasing in SPRING 2016 (March-June) at some point via an announced charity auction. Just because you won’t be buying the shoes today, doesn’t mean you still can’t donate to theMichael J Fox foundation here.

Side Bar: For those that REALLY need a pair of Marty McFly Mags , you can order the OFFICIALLY LICENSED pair for only $99 by clicking here.




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